Wednesday 6 August 2008

How Interest Levels work in FriendBinder

Today I'm not going to write about a new feature, but rather a feature we have had from the very beginning. The reason I am going to do this is because two people have been talking about this kind of thing today. Michael Arrington talks about the need for a "Fake Follow" as he calls it. Thomas Hawk talks about a 5 improvements he would like to see in friendfeed of this list number 2 pretty much describes our Interest Levels feature.

So how does our interest levels feature work?

The basic concept is that you give someone a interest level from one to five. People in your interest level 5 might be close friends, girlfriend, husband etc. or just people you want to keep a close track of. Interest level 3 might be acquaintances and less close friends that you sort of follow the noise from. Interest level 1 is probably going to be everyone else that hasn't fit into the above categories. There is of course no reason you have to use your interest levels like this, you could use them anyway you want.

Setting Interest Levels for friends
From the stream you can use the context menu or you can use the friend's edit tab:

If you want to organize all your friend's interest levels you can do this by clicking on the friends button at the top:

Interest Levels aren't the only friend organizing feature we have, you can also use tags as mentioned in a previous post.

We want your feedback, so please post comments or if you want to discuss other aspects of FriendBinder then please use the google group.
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